Candidate Name: Alix Rosenthal

In my 6 years on the DCCC, I have dedicated considerable time and energy to the party, and my main objective in getting re-elected is to continue to work hard on the DCCC’s party-building activities.  As its Treasurer from 2010-12, I balanced the checkbook and made sure that our reporting to government agencies was completed properly. As Second Vice Chair from 2012 to today, I am responsible for running the party’s endorsement process for every election and also for issue resolutions. I have enthusiastically served as a San Francisco delegate to the state party convention for the last 6 years. I have worked to recruit and train Democratic women to run for office, including serving as a trainer for the Emerge Program, and running a slate of women candidates in 2012. I have also written resolutions on a wide variety of topics, from removing the personal belief exemption for vaccinations to urging the Mayor to appoint a mother to the Board of Supervisors. For a complete list of my resolutions, please go to my website at

I am dismayed by the large number of current and former elected officials who are running for seats on the DCCC, and I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that the party is going to fall apart if all 21 of these folk are elected.

I understand why elected officials want a say in party activities - particularly endorsements - but I have been frustrated that these elected officials will take seats from party activists who have the time and energy to dedicate to party activities.  To that end, I have proposed a bylaws change giving the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors ex officio seats on the DCCC, and adding 7 new seats for grassroots activists. This will leave more seats open for party leaders who have never held another office, and given the makeup of the current board of supervisors, it won't change the left-moderate balance on the committee. I am looking forward to a spirited debate at our meeting next week (April 13).