Candidate Name: Rafael Mandelman

I have been active in the San Francisco Democratic Party for nearly fifteen years, serving on the boards of the Noe Valley Democratic Club (three years as president), the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club (two years as president), the Alice B. Toklas Democratic Club and most recently the District 8 Progressive Democrats.  First elected to the San Francisco DCCC in 2006, I have served as a member and vice chair of that body and have served on the Resolutions Committee of the California Democratic Party. As a member of the SF DCCC, I have at various times helped lead the Party’s voter registration efforts, chaired the local Party’s Resolutions Committee, and worked to strengthen relationships between the Party and our partners in labor, the environmental movement, the tenants rights movement, and the peace movement.

If re-elected, my priorities will include:

1.     Helping elect excellent progressive candidates at every level of government;
2.     Engaging more young people, women and minorities in the work of San Francisco Democratic Party; and
3.  Developing the grassroots of the Party by encouraging the formation of new Democratic Clubs and other organizations and structures to build the Party and make it relevant to more people.