Candidate Name: Shaun Haines

My roots in the community run deep and my experience has enabled me to form solid connections. The Democratic Party needs grass roots activists that who come from the people they represent and who can actively engage the community on every level. I have a demonstrated track records in terms of community and civic engagement through various forms of leadership.  As a San Francisco Native who has lived in every district I have a connection to community. I can use my life experience to motivate existing San Francisco Democrats to register and to get out to vote.

Beyond registering new and engaging existing voters. I will continue my work to address my top three priority issues:

Rebuild Communities of Color

·       Evaluate employment policies and compose legislation that eliminates practices that are exclusionary to persons of color.

·       We need to eradicate the pipeline to prison that traps so many black and brown citizens.

·     We need to improve educational resources and programs in low income communities to close the achievement gap.

Social Services Reform

There are major gaps in the services that are organized to prevent our people from becoming homeless. There are also gaps in the services that are organized to support our people on the path out of these homelessness. I know from firsthand experience that these services are woefully insufficient to get the job done. What is available is insufficient to meet the current demands. Our resources are failing to bring many out of poverty.