Candidate Name: Gary McCoy

I have worked in City Hall, building relationships and focusing on constituent issues for nearly 5 years, and under 3 Supervisors - Supervisor Scott Wiener, Board President London Breed, and as Chief of Staff for Supervisor Julie Christensen. I have served as Vice Chair for the Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee – first appointed by Supervisor John Avalos to represent District 11, and later appointed by Supervisor Scott Wiener to represent District 8. On that committee, I did extensive work on the Vision Zero Taskforce in advocating for better data collection from collisions so that we could better understand how to prevent pedestrian injuries and fatalities. I have also been very active in the recovery community, serving on the Advisory Board for the Castro Country Club – an LGBT clean and sober space dedicated to helping folks stay sober and access resources.

I have been actively involved in the HIV & AIDS, homelessness, substance and alcohol recovery, and LGBT communities for many years. Having lived with HIV and experienced chronic homeless in the mid-2000s, I have consistently given back to my communities and engaged them to be actively involved in local politics and the Democratic Party. My dedication to the Democratic Party, that in no uncertain terms has saved my life, when combined with my community activism makes me an asset on the DCCC as a real grassroots candidate.

If elected to the DCCC, I will continue to engage Democrats in the communities I have served. It is important to provide a voice for these communities to the San Francisco Democratic Party to make sure its values align with ours. I would continue to register new voters, as I have been doing. I will also do outreach and offer support to all of our locally chartered democratic clubs. More importantly, I work well with others, and have a positive reputation for building coalitions and bringing folks together to hash out real solutions.