Candidate Name: Joshua Arce

I am running for the San Francisco Democratic Party Central Committee because we need real leadership to stand up for those left out of San Francisco’s increasing wealth. On the one hand, the City is blessed with a robust economy and record low unemployment, while on the other there are staggering inequalities in income and equity that must be rectified. The challenges we are faced with today need big solutions, and we need them now. The San Francisco Democratic Party is the natural place to bridge divides and to ensure that equity for all San Franciscans is the priority of our elected officials and endorsed candidates.

I have proven myself as a member who promotes progressive policies that move our Party forward. I have written and co-sponsored resolutions that:

-        Promote sustainable communities through fair-wage union jobs, local hiring, affordable housing, environmental sustainability, and transit-oriented development
-        Reaffirm the importance of the City's Sanctuary City policy amid increasing attacks against immigrant families
-        Call on Federal, State and Local elected officials to support increased gun control measures, making San Francisco the first Democratic County Council in California to endorse the Safety for All Act for increased gun control across our state
-        Lay out a roadmap for building more affordable housing in San Francisco
-        Endorse a mandatory solar policy for new construction in our City
-        Demonstrate support for community-based policing and for the #BlackLivesMatter movement