Candidate Name: Wade Woods

I’m running for the DCCC because I’m tired of seeing the issues that affect working families and low-income individuals being overlooked by the Demo Party.  As we see the population grow we see the Demo registration go down and the numbers turning out to vote growing smaller.  As a native San Franciscan I look around and find my friends and neighbors being driven out of the city by the astronomical cost of housing.  while the DCCC doesn’t write and pass legislation it can be an advocate and help drive the issues.  It can educate the voters and be a force in elections.  The DCCC has not been out there in the community, as I talk to voters in the community, especially in the African American community they have no idea what the DCCC is or what it does this has to change.  I’m running to turn the DCCC into an active and positive force in this city stop it from becoming a city of only the very rich and very poor. Our city must be a diverse city where there is a place for everyone.  Thank you and I look forward to meeting your members.