Candidate Name: Jill Wynns

My decision to run for the Democratic County Central Committee is inspired by my commitment to the Democratic Party and my interest in strengthening the party and increasing its effectiveness. I believe that the party should be focused on issues related to the positions of the party and not to be a shadow Board of Supervisors. We should insist that the Board of Supervisors do their job.
I hope to contribute to making the DCCC a forum for the reasonable discussion of serious issues.

We must demand more aggressive leadership from our Democratic elected officials and not be satisfied with just going along with the caucus leaders.

Of course, as a twenty-four year veteran of the Board of Education, my primary example is that the Democratic party has not been strong enough on funding public education and protecting the authority of local communities to make decisions about their schools. Therefore, I hope to help the Democratic Party and the Central Committee in San Francisco to be more focused on education and children issues.