Candidate Name: Bevan Dufty

I am seeking reelection to DCCC because of my commitment to low-income, homeless and marginalized citizens in our City.

This is my 40th year of public service, beginning in 1976 when I began working for Rep. Shirley Chisholm of Brooklyn, the first Black woman to ever serve in Congress and 1972 Presidential candidate.

After 22+ years in San Francisco City government, I have a deep connection to the neighborhoods of our City and have served thousands of our citizens in making government more effective and responsive.

I am particularly able to address systems that serve the poorest of our citizens and I worked diligently to establish the SF Navigation Center which has significantly address the elements of traditional shelters that have kept people from accessing services and left them on the street.

I worked with Carol Yenne of Noe Valley and others to successfully house an individual who had been living, and come close to dying, on the streets of Noe Valley for many years.

Noe Valley is my goto neighborhood for Sid. We dine regularly at Barney’s, get frozen yogurt at Easy Breeezy or candy at Buttons, paint pottery at Terra Mia, bought her bike at Noe Valley Cyclery and shop for every one of Mom’s birthdays at Gallery of Jewels and sometimes grab a great haircut from Robert at SuperCuts.

I championed and won approval for the Noe Valley Association and shepherded renovations of Sally Brunn Library, Noe Courts, and Upper Noe Rec Center. More than most DCCC candidates, I have directly helped improve the neighborhood’s quality and vitality. I would be honored to, once again, have your endorsement.