Candidate name: David Giesen

I intend to educate the electorate regarding the role land values play in political power. An understanding of the economic dynamics of land values illuminates solutions to a number of the chief persistent issues facing San Franciscans, namely low wages and outrageous rents.
Currently the DCCC and its constituency  have either but an incoherent appreciation of land value economics, or they are irresolute in applying their understanding to resolving the issues noted above. My candidacy and election aim to repair this situation.
I am a land rent communist, meaning I recognize that land values emerge with the growth and presence of community. As a fiscal conservative who heralds that value belongs to the creator of value, I advocate for socializing the entirety of land values, using the revenue to meet all social needs.
However, I recognize that realizing that mighty ambition is far-fetched, and so I endorse and support that legislation which circumstantially comes nearest to socializing land values and untaxing earned income.
The housing crisis facing San Francisco can be largely redressed by depriving land owners of income derived from land values while at the same time diminishing taxes on buildings and their construction.
Socializing land values kills land speculation, raises heaps of public revenue, and raises wages. The public is at enormous disadvantage in resolving the wealth divide in the absence of understanding real estate dynamics.
I see the DCCC as the ideal vehicle for educating the electorate, free from much of the lobbying sector’s influence upon legislators.