Candidate Name: London Breed

I am running for the DCCC because I am a lifelong Democrat and I want a seat at the table of the Democratic Party and to participate in the decisions the party makes around policies and candidates. I also want to make sure that we are registering new Democrats. The party wields enormous opportunity to influence the policy priorities of the voters, as well as elected officials like myself. With a seat at the DCCC, as well as on the Board of Supervisors, I believe we can make incredible change in many areas such as creating affordable and healthy neighborhoods, improving public transportation and supporting public safety.         

Though we may live in different districts, I have been in San Francisco my entire life. As a lifelong Democrat, I’ve spent my career supporting the party platform, registering voters, shaping policy and running for office.

The Noe Valley Democratic Club has a strong history of engaging residents and voters and has a real opportunity to advance the Democratic Party – especially in this Presidential election year. With so many new residents in both of our districts – many of whom are either not registered to vote or consider themselves decline to state – it is imperative that we as Democrats get out and register our neighbors as Democrats in every district.

I would be honored to have the endorsement of the Noe Valley Democratic club, and to work side by side with you to advance the Democratic Party platform as a member of the DCCC.