Candidate Name: Jon Golinger

I believe San Francisco is a special place worth fighting for. That's why I love it, that's why I live here, and that's why I've worked so hard for years to protect San Francisco’s beauty, vibrancy, and unique character.

I’m running for a seat on the SF Democratic Party County Central Committee to reclaim the SF Democratic Party from the real estate industry and corporate lobbyists who have taken it over to serve their own interests. A real estate lobbyist should not be the Chair of the San Francisco Democratic Party, which should be fighting to keep families in their homes, not helping to evict them by blocking Ellis Act reform and opposing tenant eviction protection measures. I will vote to replace the Chair with someone independent of the real estate lobby and work to ensure that the SF Democratic Party becomes a leader in the fight to stop unfair evictions and create affordable housing.

For the last fifteen years, I have worked hard to preserve San Francisco’s environment and unique character. I worked together with the Sierra Club and Save the Bay to stop the SF Airport from paving over two square miles of the Bay for new runways. I led the battle to pass 2004’s Proposition I, which got MUNI to replace its dirtiest diesel buses with cleaner hybrid‐electrics. I fought to pass the Coit Tower Preservation ballot measure to limit commercial activity and private events at Coit Tower and to prioritize the funds generated at Coit Tower to preserve Coit Tower and its historic New Deal‐era murals. I led the No Wall on the Waterfront campaign to defeat the 8 Washington high-rise luxury condos and to pass Prop. B in June 2014 to give voters the power to protect our waterfront by requiring voter approval for waterfront height limit increases.

I have been endorsed by State Senator Mark Leno, former Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, former City Attorney Louise Renne, the Tenants Union, and the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, among others. I would be honored to have the support of the Noe Valley Democratic Club.