Candidate Name: Arlo Smith

I have previously served on the SFDCCC for 35 years (1980-2015).  Before that I was a Democratic club President.  Have been a Democrat since 1960, when I argued with other kindergarteners whose parents were supporting Nixon.  I was Parliamentarian of the SFDCCC for over 30 years.  I resigned from the SFDCCC only because I changed districts.

I consider myself a JFK-Bill Clinton- Dianne Feinstein Democrat.  In the present election I am supporting Hillary Clinton.  During my 35 year tenure on the SFDCCC, I have always watched out for the grassroots.  Before 1980, the SFDCCC had chartered few clubs, and the attitude of SFDCCC members was that Democratic clubs “get in the way” of the SFDCCC.  I wrote the provisions of SFDCCC by-laws and rules that make club chartering easy for the grassroots.   When several clubs endorsed non-Democrats in a nonpartisan race for Mayor, I (and Mary Jung) opposed any discipline, taking the position that we cannot enforce party loyalty in nonpartisan races.

To give grassroots Democrats a better chance to be elected to the SFDCCC, I will propose the following when re-elected: (1) that the number of elected members be increased from 24 to 31 – 18 in the 17th District and 13 in the 19th District. (2) that the SFDCCC adopt campaign contribution limits the same as limits for campaigns for Supervisor.

Supporters include Mayor Lee, Sheriff Hennessey, Assemblymember Chiu, Supervisor Wiener, Former State Senator Carole Migden, Matt Dorsey, Zoe Dunning, Rebecca Prozan, Leah Pimentel,. Kat Anderson, Joe Engardio, Tom Hsieh, Mary Jung, Megan Levitan, Eric Mar, Trevor McNiel, former BART Director Michael Bernick, former SFDCCC Chair Matthew Rothschild, Supervisor London Breed, San Francisco Building Trades Council. San Francisco Firefighters Association, Alice B. Toklas Lgbt Democratic Club, Bart Director Nick Josefowitz