Candidate Name: Cindy Wu

I seek to build a DCCC that is focused on representing all Democrats in San Francisco. Everyone should have a voice regardless of gender, race or income. I am especially interested in providing a voice for immigrants and low-income people who may have barriers to participating in the Democratic Party process.
My top three issues are affordable housing, tenants’ rights and transparency in government. I have been working on social justice and affordable housing issues in San Francisco for the last 15 years. As Deputy Director at Chinatown Community Development Center, I have built skills in negotiation, project management, and critical problem solving. And have used these skills to serve for the last four years on the SF Planning Commission, serving as both President and Vice-President.

I want regular folks to have a voice for their local neighborhoods and rights for where they live. If elected to the SF DCCC, I would be fair but driven by values based in equity for all.