Candidate Name: Rebecca Prozan

The Democratic Party needs help, and  I bring the right credentials for the job.

As a lifelong Democrat, organizer, and fundraiser, I bring years of experience running campaigns and strategy to this position. I have advised numerous Democratic elected officials in their campaigns, including Willie Brown for Mayor, Kamala Harris' inaugural run for District Attorney, Bevan Dufty for District 8 Supervisor, Rachel Norton for School Board, Steve Ngo and Alex Randolph for City College Board. In these positions, we have been able to strengthen the City's democratic rolls and base.

In 2008, I was POTUS' Northern California liaison and delivered a message from then Senator Obama opposing Proposition 8; later I was an elected delegate from San Francisco to the 2008 and 2012 conventions.

I love serving on the SF DCCC as it gives me the opportunity to do even more to shape a progressive Democratic Party Agenda on immigration, environment, police reform, homelessness, and youth voting, ensure the Party has sufficient financial resources to GOTV, and continue San Franciscos tradition of being a beacon for Democrats across the country.