Candidate Name: Malia Cohen

I believe in the California Democratic Party Platform. I believe in the equality and inherent dignity of all people. I believe our state and our national government must protect the rights to freedom of expression, assembly as well as the equality of opportunity, for all. I support the notion that justice for all requires constant vigilance and a thorough examination of laws and governmental actions that disproportionately impact diverse segments of society.

I stand with the party that stands for all. I am running for re-election to the DCCC because I believe we need to have strong Democratic leadership and representation of the party in San Francisco. As a member of the DCCC, I have been an advocate to preserve our democratic values by tackling issues including gun control, protection of our water resources, law enforcement reform, protecting Sanctuary City policies and women’s reproductive healthcare access.

I not only have experience, but also an unwavering commitment and pragmatism to guide the DCCC. I will continue to stand strong in the face of the hatred, bigotry and ignorance we see playing out in national politics. We need to unite as a party to ensure that we elect a Democrat to the White House.